Woman Said She Cannot Work As A Landscaper Unless She Is A Bodybuilder And People Can’t Believe Her Answer


A WOMAN, who was turned down for a job with a landscape gardener because she was not a “bodybuilder,” responded to the refusal with a savage response.

Although she already had experience in the role, the cabinet rejected the woman, named Charlotte, as they suspected she would not be physically strong enough for the job.


Charlotte was not impressed with the response she received from the landscape gardening companyCredit: @ dzzzny / Twitter
Charlotte explained that she had years of experience in the industry


Charlotte explained that she had years of experience in the industryCredit: Alamy

The professional gardener’s brother uploaded both the original post and his response to his Twitter account where he totaled 600,000 likes.

The initial email read: “Thank you for you [sic] interest in the position and contact me.

“However, unless you’re a bodybuilder, I’m afraid you can’t handle the workload.

“How very physical and demanding because we are a hard landscaping company.

“If you feel ready, don’t hesitate to contact me at the number below.”

Indignant at the response, Charlotte responded to the message with a strongly worded email.

She said: “Oddly enough, I probably have as much bodybuilding experience as you do, which I guess isn’t.

“What I have are years of experience in landscaping and building retaining walls at 40 degrees temperature, as I did for many years when I lived in Australia.”

She then explained why she no longer wanted to work in the company.

Charlotte said: “What I find difficult is working with short people like you that I could probably do bench press five minutes after waking up from a three year coma so I’m not more interested in this post. “

The email was completed with a final bouquet. She wrote: “I’m sure you will have no problem finding the right fit the next time you visit the bodybuilding convention.”

Many people were in awe of the fiery message.

One of them said, “Why do these guys think women are weak?” I’m carrying heavy speakers and a group of guys offered to help and struggled and complained about the weight.

“So I took them off and left. They started screaming that I have to be a bodybuilder – I’m 5’1. I’m not. I’m just used to it.”

Another agrees: “There are a lot of women landscapers. It’s crazy that this person is so closed-minded.

“One of my best employees was a woman and was probably stronger than me as well.”

While others thought she had overreacted.

One of them said, “To be fair, how do you know that society hasn’t turned down non-muscular companions?

“It may have nothing to do with her being a woman and more to do with first impressions of being 5ft tall and 50kg.”

Another agreed: “It gave her the opportunity not only to work, but also to change her perceptions.

“Instead, her feelings were hurt and she decided to respond in an irritated manner. Just as well, judging by her attitude, I doubt she would have been a team player anyway. “

People couldn't agree on whether Charlotte's answer was perfect or too far away


People couldn’t agree on whether Charlotte’s answer was perfect or too far awayCredit: @ dzzzny / Twitter

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