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StormTrack9 weather watcher Pat in the garden

For this week’s Garden Goodies, Justin traveled to Adams County to visit longtime StormTrack9 weather watcher and master gardener Pat Jordarski.

Pat grows a wide variety of flowers and vegetables with great success. To grow flowers, she recommends perennials to ease the “workload” of maintaining a vibrant flower bed. She says if they’re planted close enough together and lightly mulched, you’ll hardly have to weed all season long. For many perennial varieties that grow well in our climate, you won’t even need to fertilize them. For a special treat, she suggests growing a moonflower. It blooms at night and has a wonderful fragrance.

Earlier this season on Garden Goodies, Justin talked a bit about weed control as one of the biggest chores throughout the growing season. Justin is trying out some landscaping fabric this year, but still uses a hoe or hand draw most of the time. While this is fine for many gardeners, for those with reduced mobility or “older” joints, this might not be a viable option.

Pat had trouble controlling the weeds, so she turned to a commercial “weed and feed” product. Some of them didn’t work very well, but one was exceptional. The Preen brand is what she recommends. Now she is able to easily maintain her garden and does not get a lot of weeds throughout the season. It begins with deep plowing in the spring and then deposits the “weeding and fodder”. After planting (in the middle of the growing season), she will use her special bladed hoe to lightly plow between the rows, then lay down more weed killer.

Pat also wanted to make sure people know that there are different weed killers for different plants. If you decide to give it a try, you’ll want to make sure you get the product intended for gardens. There are other weed killers that can be used on flowers or landscaping, but are not suitable for gardens.


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