The Weekend Gardener launches season 14 on NEWS 95.7


Host Niki Jabbour returns to the station for a “2 hour garden party” every Sunday

Earlier this morning, Niki Jabbour returned to NEWS 95.7 as host of The Weekend Gardener for the show’s fourteenth season.

On Sunday, May 2, Jabbour returned to the air and spoke with various gardeners, including authors Elizabeth Peirce, Emma Biggs and Craig LeHoullier.

“The show, of course, has evolved over the 14 years, and at this point it’s a two-hour garden party every Sunday,” she told NEWS 95.7’s The Rick Howe Show. “And the time has changed a bit this year: it will be from 10 am to noon.

Last season, Jabbour hosted The Weekend Gardener from his makeshift home studio due to COVID-19.

But the pandemic has forced many to stay home and embrace new hobbies.

“I mean, gardening has been booming for about 13 months and we’re seeing it again in 2021, almost even more,” Jabbour said. “As well as many of these new gardeners who joined us in 2020, I think, are now planning to replant, expand their garden, maybe try new skills and new plants. “

For those unfamiliar with The Weekend Gardener, it’s a weekly show that focuses on all elements of gardening.

Jabbour talks about a variety of topics with other garden experts in North America and the UK, authors, local experts and others who are passionate about gardening.

“I’m interested in what people do and how they do it and why they do it; we’re just exploring any kind of subject, ”she said. “I’m a vegetable nerd, but we cover everything from monarch butterflies and edible perennials to trees, shrubs, grass, everything.

“When it comes to gardening, no topic is off the table.

Although people have different skill levels when it comes to gardening, Jabbour said his show has something for everyone, even beginners.

She also said she liked receiving suggestions from listeners.

People who have questions about gardening can tweet at @NikiJabbour on Twitter or send him a message on Facebook.

She said she would respond and try to book a guest on the show to discuss this topic.

Jabbour herself is no stranger to gardening.

She is an award-winning author whose most recent book, Cultivate under cover, focuses on gardening outside of the summer using protective techniques.

She also has a website called Savvy Gardening which receives over 2 million visitors per month.

Listeners can agree The weekend gardener on NEWS 95.7 Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. AST until October 24.


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