The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s mission is to build a more beautiful, more sustainable and greener Philadelphia

With only 20 percent of the city’s land covered by trees, Philadelphia has one of the smallest tree canopies of any major city in the Northeast.

This is troubling when you take into account that, according to NASA GISS and NOAA, the average global temperature has been rising steadily since 1998, with the past five years being the hottest on record.

One way to combat rising temperatures and environmental changes is to plant more trees, a mission the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has undertaken with its Tree Tenders program. Additional trees and plants not only have obvious aesthetic benefits, but improve air quality, provide shelter for wildlife, prevent stormwater runoff, and keep city streets cooler. Research also shows that trees have additional health benefits, such as reducing mental fatigue, reducing anxiety, and fighting obesity by promoting more outdoor play time for children. .

To help restore the area’s tree canopy, PHS’s Tree Tenders planted just over 1,600 trees in Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania in 2018. This year, the team has already planted 771 trees and will add approximately 857 trees during their seasonal fall tree planting weekend on November 16 and 17.

Increasing green space in Philadelphia, whether with trees, landscaping or community gardens, is just one of many PHS initiatives. In fact, some of Philadelphia’s most historic landmarks are surrounded by the work of PHS, including all along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

PHS and the Philadelphia Water Department are also leading the charge on Rain Check, Philadelphia’s residential stormwater management system. If you are a resident of Philadelphia, or have just visited for a day, you have probably experienced the work that PHS has done all over the city.

PHeaSt, PHS’s annual fall fundraiser, supports PHS and its mission to build beautiful, healthy and sustainable communities by connecting people to horticulture. The event will feature an exclusive menu, artisanal seasonal cocktails and live music in a setting hosted by the region’s leading horticultural professionals.

To learn more about PHS and its mission, please visit Gardening for the Greater Good.

To learn more about PHS Tree Tenders or to get involved, please visit Tree Tenders.

To learn more about the Rain Check program and how to get free or discounted tools for stormwater management, please visit Rain Check.

You can support PHS by attending PHeaSt on October 17th at PHS Pop Up Garden in South Street. Tickets are available now, buy here.

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