The Gardener’s Friend pruners are easy for weak hands


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Keeping your garden looking its best requires a little maintenance, especially to remove dead shoots. This chore can be tough when you have arthritis joints or cramped hands, but using the right tools can make all the difference. If you’re looking for an easier way to prune your trees and shrubs this spring, Amazon buyers strongly suggest The secateurs The gardener’s friend, which are currently on sale at 20% off. Pruning shears are so effective because they have been designed to minimize the stress of use.

Developed by professional gardeners with over 30 years of experience, the shears use a springless ratchet and lever mechanism to cut branches up to an inch thick with much less effort (and pain) than traditional secateurs. The heavy-duty aluminum snips are also precise enough for more detailed jobs, such as dead flowers.

Another a pleasantly surprised reviewer writes, “These pruners cut small branches like butter. I am VERY impressed with them. High quality, easy to use, and they even come with instructions (and an oil brush) to maintain them.”

A customer so impressed that he “would give these 6 stars if they could“said:” A very satisfying purchase! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Very helpful and allowed my life partner to continue trimming and mowing more freely and with less pain. “

They are compatible for both left and right handed users, so they can be shared between partners if needed, but you can also buy more than one pair while they are on sale. Another useful feature? They come with a removable greasy sponge that attaches snugly to the handles, so you’ll never forget to lubricate your shears after every use.


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