Pensacola Interior Landscaping Company adds exterior division



Pensacola, Florida – In an effort to meet customer demands for a company that could also create and maintain top-notch landscaping designs, Heroman Services Plant Company, an award-winning interior landscaping design company located in Pensacola , Florida, has expanded its horticultural services to include a new full-service landscaping division.

Using this service will allow customers to make their landscaping dreams come true. Depending on the client’s needs, Heroman’s experienced team, including a licensed landscape architect, can start small by coming up with small additions to an outdoor space and then expand their efforts to include a full landscaping plan. According to Heroman, “A critical element contributing to our successful results is our planning and our ability to interpret, translate and create first-class landscape architectural presentations for our clients. This service, along with others, such as free initial landscape consultations and project management, ensure clear communication with you.

The Heroman team is known for their quality work and creative applications in landscape constructions. As such, some of the services offered under the new exterior landscaping division include irrigation, drainage, soil amendment and excavation using a custom mix of soil from landscaping, installation, renovations and landscaping additions, as well as living walls, roofs and containers that can be customized using any plants that can grow in the area in any style preferred by the client .

As a sixth generation family business, Heroman Services Plant Company is dedicated to providing stunning plant installations, from ordinary potted plants to extravagant garden displays to living green walls, all of which can be placed outdoors or in inside a building or at home. For more information or to receive a free quote, call Heroman Services Plant Company at 800-264-9999 or visit them online at


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