New horticultural building at Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens with EDGE products


Several products from EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems have been specified for the new addition to the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Designed by PTW Architects and McGregor Coxall, The Calyx is a world-class horticultural space built on the site of the Arc Greenhouse in the Garden.

Calyx’s design concept evolved as part of a major renovation plan for the garden’s 200th anniversary recently. The site’s arch greenhouse and tropical center were demolished and redeveloped as part of the new design, which places a strong emphasis on durability, flexibility and responsive adaptation.

The architecture is designed to harmoniously integrate the interior and exterior spaces with exhibits capitalizing on the seasonal changes reflected in the garden. Retractable walls make it possible to segment or unite different spaces to meet the requirements of the exhibition. One of the building’s highlights is a massive interior green wall, the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Designed to be inhabited by both plants and people, the building has a north orientation which provides optimal lighting conditions for healthy plant growth. Lots of glass and open space create a natural ambience throughout the building.

A circular steel structure, the Iris is the building’s most attractive feature and contains the home, education, and retail spaces. The Calyx uses a MAX 182mm structural glazing frame to achieve its all-glass appearance, and also features the 45mm EDGE commercial doors and Brighton glazing adapters to allow for wave-like formation.


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