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As many of you know, horticultural education is one of the primary guidelines not only for the Tulsa County OSU Extension, but also for Tulsa Master Gardeners. For this reason, we teach horticulture wherever we can and in every possible way. As part of this educational outreach, we have two opportunities for you on the horizon.

Here’s a question we often get asked: what type of plant would you recommend for my location/situation? We have lists of plants suitable for certain locations that are both annuals and perennials, but sometimes it’s hard to make decisions based on photos or descriptions. What really helps is seeing the plants “in the wild”, so to speak. To accomplish this, the Tulsa Master Gardeners host a Garden Tour each year with Master Gardeners available at each location to answer your questions. The theme for this year’s garden tour is ‘Luxurious Landscapes’, and we have five beautifully appointed homes to inspire you.

The first house is called “From the first house to the eternal house”. These owners have lived in this house for 47 years and they have transformed their yard of trampolines and football goals into a beautiful landscape that includes sunny and shady gardens. They also have a beautiful butterfly garden.

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Next is a house titled “Inspired by Family…The Seasons of Life.” This garden is filled with perennials and has a specific seasonal area associated with each child’s birthday. Do you know what Hugelkultur is? You will do this after visiting this vegetable garden.

The third house is titled “A Generational Garden”. Members of this family have gardening in their blood because it has been passed down for generations. It includes homemade containers by the owner’s daughter as well as hydrangeas from the owner’s grandmother. This generational garden is also filled with pollinating plants.

Fourth, we have a “landscape for quiet living”. If you’re looking for ideas on what to grow in shady spots, this is the place. This owner has been cultivating this shaded garden space for 35 years. It contains a variety of tropical plants that move inside each winter, and there is even a fig tree that was brought from Greece.

And last, but not least, we have a landscape called “Ornamental Beauty and Intentional Gardening”. This garden includes a variety of native plants, a special area for pollinating plants and a vegetable patch as we would all like. This owner uses timed watering and in-soil composting along with integrated pest management practices.

The Deluxe Landscape Garden Tour takes place June 4-5. Tickets can be purchased in advance on our website for $10 each and will be available at homes during the tour for $15. Addresses will be displayed on our website during the tour and on your tickets.

Next, we have the fall version of our Urban Gardener training. We teach the Fall Series for a variety of reasons: it coincides with fall vegetable garden planting schedules, fall is the best time to select and plant trees and shrubs, and cool season turf gives better results when sown in the fall.

There are six Urban Gardener classes. The first three are what we call “Seed to Supper” which covers soil management, composting, types of vegetable gardens, seed selection, seed starting, tips for growing vegetables successfully here in Oklahoma and natural pest control practices. The second series, “Lawn and Landscape,” builds on the first classes and continues with Pollinator Gardens, Trees and Shrubs, and Turf Management.

Classes begin Tuesday, July 19 and continue for a total of six evenings as we meet from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday evenings at the OSU Extension Office on 15th Street.

This year we launched our Seed to Supper Farm, which not only serves to educate master gardeners on growing fruits, herbs and vegetables, but this year’s urban gardener courses will include a field trip to the farm for practical work. learn to grow vegetables. Another driving goal of our new Seed to Supper farm is to donate produce grown on this farm to groups in Tulsa who distribute food to those in need. In this sense, it becomes a true Seed to Supper farm. We are very excited about the possibilities.

You can register for Urban Gardener courses on our website (tulsa When you register, you can register for all six courses or just the Seed to Supper segment or the Lawn and Landscape segment. Registration for all six courses is $45. Registration for one of the two segments costs $25. Space is limited for these classes, and they usually sell out, so if you have an interest, don’t delay. See you soon in the garden!

What the Ale, Beer of the Week, Hop the Griffin’s Hazy Ambrosia

You can get all your gardening questions answered by calling the Tulsa Master Gardeners Helpline at 918-746-3701, through our Diagnostic Center at 4116 E. 15th Street, or by emailing us at [email protected]


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