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The Smith County Master Gardener Association is hosting a workshop fundraiser, “Summer Stars, Texas Superstars: Plants for Here and Now,” June 10, 9-11 a.m., at the Glass Recreation Center, 501 W. 32nd St. to Tyler. This workshop will focus on Texas Superstar plants, Earth-Kind landscaping techniques, and best practices for landscaping and vegetable gardening in Northeast Texas.

Texas Superstar plants are Texas Tough selections made by Texas A&M Extension horticulturists for proven performance throughout the state of Texas. These plants have been tested in locations across the state to ensure they are superstars in reliability and flowering power. The Texas Superstars factory program is an extension of the Earth-Kind Landscaping program. Earth-Kind Landscaping uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment. Earth-Kind Landscaping’s goal is to combine the best of organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles to create a horticultural system based on real-world efficiency and environmental responsibility. Earth-Kind Landscaping encourages water conservation, reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, landscaping for energy conservation, and reduction of landscape-related waste that goes into landfills.

Many plants in the program are self-seeded perennials or annuals, which return year after year. The plants are rated to withstand the heat, humidity, and highly variable Texas winters. All plants have exceptional beauty throughout their growing season. They are durable and grow with little care, pesticides or fertilizers. These plants and the corresponding gardening techniques that will be discussed are economical, reliable and very productive. Using Earth-Kind selections can also reduce the amount of time and water a gardener must use to keep gardens in top condition.

Not only will we discuss Texas superstars, but also garden pests and how to deal with them, other common problems such as fungi and plant diseases. We’ll give you a plan on how to handle these issues as they arise to save your garden and your sanity.

The workshop will cost $20 for pre-registrants and $25 at the door on the day of the event. The first 100 registrants will receive a bag full of gardening goodies. All attendees will be registered for door prize draws and refreshments will be available. All funds raised will support Smith County Master Gardeners programs and scholarships.

Go to and our for registration and other information.

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— The Smith County Master Gardener Program is a voluntary organization associated with the Texas A&MAgriLife Extension Service.


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