Master Gardener: Getting Your Gardening Solution | Texas


How do you get your gardening solution when it’s raining too much or it’s too cold to go outside? I take a book. No matter what type of reader you are, there is a gardening book that will keep you entertained for hours.

Do you like biographies? Pick a book about a famous designer or planter. History is another topic that can come into play when you read books about gardens or gardeners from the past.

Want to renew your landscape? There are an unlimited number of landscaping guides. Some even have blueprints you might want to use. Some are suitable for certain climates, however, so be careful when choosing these books. Look for those that suggest plants that will grow well in our area.

You may be a collector of certain plants. You can find books that will tell you how to grow plants, books on the history of plant cultivation, and books with photos of rare plants. Even if you don’t collect some plants, you can get inspiration from coffee table type books with beautiful photos that you can reimagine using in your own garden.

Market gardeners are not left out. You can find publications on certain vegetables or just on market gardening in general. Fruit trees are another topic you might want to buy a book on. And since pruning is often a confusing art to acquire, you might want to purchase a part or two that cover the basics of pruning.

Other books you might want to collect could cover the color combinations or the accompanying plantings. There are volumes only on Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Succulents, Ground Covers, or Houseplants.

Even if you prefer to read fiction, you can find novels that weave their stories around a garden. So if you want to immerse yourself in gardening without stepping into the garden, just grab a book. The best part of it all is when the weather is nice you can go out and sit in the garden and read at the same time – a double delight.

The Henderson County Master Gardener Association’s “Learning in the Library” series, scheduled for Tuesday, January 12 and the second Tuesday of each month, has been canceled until further notice. There will be a free tree giveaway on Friday January 14th. Call the number below for more information.

For more information call 903-675-6130, email [email protected], or visit


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