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Brian Jervis Ask a Master Gardener

One of the primary goals of the Tulsa County Master Gardeners is to share horticultural information with area residents.

We do a variety of other things, such as tending the beautiful planters at Brookside, furnishing Habitat for Humanity homes, growing produce on our Seed to Supper farm to distribute to those less fortunate, and more. But education is our main directive, so to speak. .

To that end, we offer courses at different times of the year, and we have several upcoming opportunities.

First, our Lunch and Learn series in cooperation with the Tulsa Central Library. These classes are held during the lunch hour at the Central Library in downtown Tulsa. They start at noon and usually end at 12:45 p.m. so you can bring your lunch and listen to a presentation on a topic of horticultural interest. This fall, we will have four luncheons on Tuesdays starting September 20 and continuing for three more Tuesdays. Here is a list of topics: September 20, Composting; September 27, planting of trees and shrubs; October 4, preparation of the autumn and winter garden; and October 11, Winter Bird Survival Tips.

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Each lesson is taught by a master gardener and there is usually plenty of time to answer some questions. So if you work downtown or can commute downtown, these free classes will be great.

Classes from our Urban Gardener series related to growing vegetables in a home garden are also coming soon.

In these classes, you’ll learn about soil chemistry, proper fertilization, planning your garden, types of gardens, varieties that work well in Oklahoma, starting seeds, and how to give your plants the best chance through integrated pest management techniques.

We used to offer these classes on a weeknight, but we’re trying something different and packing all the information into a one-day seminar on Saturdays. This course will take place on November 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is a $30 cost for the course, which will include a bunch of handouts and a pizza lunch. Places are limited and these courses are usually full, so if you are interested, register quickly. More information and tickets are available on our website.

Also coming up is a wonderful opportunity for local third graders to participate in something we call “Exploring Insects”. Exploring Insects is held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds Exchange Center and is a hands-on insect learning experience. Students will learn about spiders and ticks, race cockroaches, and create something we call maggot art. They will also learn about monarch butterflies and bees. And they will even have the opportunity to taste cooked mealworms! This is an event where the master gardeners have as good a time as the children. If you would like your child to attend this event, simply ask their teacher to visit our website for more information and to register their class. Homeschooled students can register individually on our website.

More information and registration is available on our website,

You can get all your gardening questions answered by calling the Tulsa Master Gardeners Helpline at 918-746-3701, visiting our Diagnostic Center at 4116 E. 15th St., or sending us a email to [email protected]


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