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Eltham, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eltham, Victoria –

John French Landscape Design, a landscape design company based in Eltham, VIC, Australia, has published a blog post that offers five tips for creating the perfect landscape garden in Eltham. They point out that good gardens are usually the result of good planning and months of observation. These observations should be made in the four seasons to really better understand the exterior space of the property. It is their recommendation to get to know the property better in all four seasons before starting any major landscape design. For example, the owner can observe how the sunlight hits the property throughout the year, how the water flows and what might be suitable locations for flower beds, a vegetable garden, a patio, a swimming pool, etc

The first tip for homeowners is to create a preliminary map or sketch of the outdoor space, showing the property lines, driveway, pool, house orientation, and other paths. Measurements will need to be taken regarding the outside area and these should be shown on the sketch. The location of doors, windows, gutters, cables, trees and vegetable areas should be indicated on the sketch. And it’s a good idea to survey the neighborhood and see if any of the features of the neighbor near the property line may affect landscaping, such as fences, tall trees, or buildings. It is also important to indicate what the family wants, such as a swimming pool, a place to grow vegetables or a flower garden, an outdoor dining area to receive guests, etc.

The second advice is to do a site analysis. It takes time and patience, noting the changes that occur in the property throughout the year. It’s a good idea to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the property when it comes to landscaping. Important features to consider are sunny and shady locations, drainage issues, prevailing winds, good and bad views, existing vegetation, and any easements and utilities.

The third tip is to start small and slow. It is advisable to slowly develop a plan and enjoy the process of doing so. It is recommended to avoid quick decisions that could lead to long-term damage. It’s a good idea to spend a lot of time outdoors and find places that look appealing and where people are likely to enjoy spending more time there in the future when the garden is finally finished. Another important thing to note is to make sure the lanes will be wide enough for comfortable passage.

The fourth tip is to imagine what the outdoor steps and stairs will look like. These should rise gently with steps having a rise of 6 inches or less like the most comfortable. And if the stairs in the garden require more than 10 steps, it may be wise to have a landing after a few steps. Meanwhile, the pavings must provide a secure footing.

And finally, additional accessories should be taken into account. These include lights, fountains, sculptures, waterfalls, and other elements that can make the garden more attractive and inviting.

With 40 years of landscaping experience, John French Landscape Design’s landscape design ideas and experience cover steep and difficult blocks that require retaining solutions; stormwater management and soil erosion; swimming pool landscaping; drought-tolerant gardens; yard designs; sustainable native gardens; balcony landscaping ideas; the quarter-acre block; and large area landscaping. From the start of the business, John French has been heavily influenced by the native gardens of Ellis Stones. Thus, he now designs Balinese, Japanese, French provincial gardens, and all other styles of gardens, according to customer preferences. And with recent water shortages, they encourage customers to have sustainable gardens that have low water needs.

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