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The Thunder Bay Horticultural Society booth at the Thunder Bay Country Market was a success.

It ran for eight weeks from February 23 to April 16 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with only two cancellations due to the storm.

We had a great time meeting the folks at the market and explaining to them what the Thunder Bay Horticultural Society is.

People were greeted and asked if they had heard of the horticultural society.

They were then informed that we were a group of people with different levels of gardening skills, from master gardeners to beginners and everything in between. That we meet at the Oliver Road Community Center every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. February through June and September through November.

Our gatherings usually involve a short company business meeting, followed by a guest speaker on a gardening topic and garden tours in July and August.

They were also informed that 2022 has been declared the year of the garden and that red flowers were the chosen color for the year as well as our upcoming competition and the company’s 100th anniversary in 2023.

Many postcards and leaflets were distributed – more than 200 – with an invitation to come to the next meeting as well as the presentation subject of the month.

We appreciate the community’s interest in our company and the opportunity to answer their questions. We learned a lot from talking to the public, including their approach and/or their gardening tips and tricks.

Although a few memberships were sold during this time, the main purpose of the booth was to raise awareness of the Thunder Bay Horticultural Society and allow people to come to a meeting and see what we do.

Special thanks to Shirley Robson for her visit to the booth, as well as for the items she brought and her historical knowledge of the company. We would also like to thank Pat Izsak, Diane Couch, Maddison Lehr, Ian Robson, Wilma Wood and Donna Vaantaa for their volunteer time at the booth, which brings us to over 83 volunteer hours.

Finally, thank you to Thunder Bay Country Market for allowing us to set up a booth. We look forward to future opportunities to connect the public with the Thunder Bay Horticultural Society.

Thank you and happy gardening.


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