Indigenous Landscaping Knowledge Rejuvenates Tramsheds Gardens | City of Sydney


Recipient of a grant from the City of Sydney Wild flower will help aspiring Aboriginal horticulturists and landscapers develop their skills over 4 weeks at the Tramsheds in Annandale.

Youth from Redfern, Waterloo and Glebe will come together to care for 300 native plants in the gardens around the site and educate the community about the importance of stewardship of native lands.

We sponsor the work through a knowledge exchange scholarshipWildflower founder Roman Deguchi saying the project would have multiple benefits for the community.

“Our project not only aims to increase awareness of the benefits of using native plants…it is also an opportunity for young Indigenous men and women, who are considering careers in horticulture and landscaping, to gain experience and knowledge. »

City of Sydney grant recipient Wildflower helps budding indigenous gardeners develop their skills

Wildflower is an Indigenous-led, non-profit social enterprise that carries out landscaping and ecological work, while providing employment and training opportunities to local communities, with a focus on Indigenous and Island peoples of the Torres Strait.

The organization does everything from developing the park to restoring the bush and creating habitat corridors for native wildlife.

“We believe there needs to be more Indigenous landscapes in the city from an environmental perspective. As we continue to develop the city (of Sydney), we also need to ensure that we provide enough green space,” said Deguchi.

“We are on a mission to green the city, restore native natural landscapes, care for the country, and create a new, sustainable, inclusive and supportive way of doing business and empowering the community.”

Our knowledge exchange scholarships are open for applications until April 11, 2022. These grants are for non-profit and for-profit organizations. They could help you foster collaboration and learning, share local sector expertise, build capacity and networks, and encourage dialogue on local and global issues across sectors.


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