In El Paso, TX, Western Janitorial delivers exceptional cleaning and maintenance services.


Cleaning and upkeep are offered by janitorial services. This service includes cleaning construction sites, commercial buildings, floors, windows, hospitals, and grounds. These are well-known businesses that collaborate with big businesses. Western Janitorial Services provides janitorial services to businesses.

It also has a 38-year track record in corporate service. A corporate cleaning agreement provides a flawless cleaning service and high-quality work. They provide a variety of services, which are mentioned below:

Cleaning services for businesses

Your company’s structure requires tender loving care. Corporations no longer want sweepers, cleaners, and other maintenance personnel. These are relieved by outsourcing these employees. You get confidence in high-quality work without added stress.

Near me, Western Janitorial Services offers high-quality business cleaning services at a low cost. Western Janitorial Service is an expert in janitors, janitorial services, and commercial cleaning. Professional cleaning, commercial & industrial facility cleaners, and total floor refurbishment are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Western Janitorial has El Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

As per Mirek Saunders, the founder of PaydayNow Payday loans, “You need to know how to build a network in order to advertise and sell your services in the field of cleaning. A successful business is knowing what you can be charging when to “fire” a customer, how to get your business up and operating on a budget and the best ways you can finance the business.”

Cleaning of medical equipment

Western Janitorial has been offering medical cleaning services for 38 years. It has experience with medical offices, hospital facilities and operating rooms, health departments and outpatient clinics, and other similar facilities.

Furthermore, medical cleaning encompasses all aspects of disinfection, sanitation, and waste management. Green cleaning, medical office cleaning, hospital cleaning, terminal cleaning, and specialist floor application are among the medical services.

Services on the ground floor

Their floor repair crews are very skilled at what they do. They’ve also received extensive training in dealing with various types of flooring materials and how to clean them effectively. They also have a thorough understanding of multiple chemicals and floor cleaners.

They also specialize in wet and dry shampoo, regular floor care, restorative floor care, specialty floor care, and routine floor care. They also include water extraction, bonneting, and environmentally friendly items.

Cleaning up after construction

It is their most crucial branch when it comes to construction cleaning. Their site engineers perform an excellent job, and many of our customers have expressed their gratitude. Also, as part of our contract and temporary labor services, they clean construction sites worldwide.

They also specialize in nationwide construction cleaning, OSHA-certified staff, qualified lift operators, worksite management, temporary workers, high-end insurance, and wage and labor compliance, among other things.

Cleaning the windows

This firm cleans all of the windows in high-rise buildings. Furthermore, their employees are qualified to clean the window glass in high-rise buildings. Interior and exterior cleaning, aerial lift work, licensed lift operators, OSHA safety measures, and a green cleaning program are their specialties.

Last but not least,

Western Janitorial Services has reached a significant milestone in its clients’ trust. Furthermore, the firm has been operating and offering services to the public for many years. If you live in Mckinney, you may learn more about home cleaning services in Frisco by clicking here.


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