I’m a landscape gardener – how to remove weeds from your flower bed WITHOUT pulling or using chemicals


Getting rid of weeds can be as simple as spraying a few chemicals on them and trying to dig them out.

However, a landscaping expert has revealed how to use weed killer correctly to avoid forcefully ripping them out or making a huge mess in your flower bed.


A landscape expert has revealed how to properly use weed killer to get rid of weedsCredit: YouTube/Ambro’s Landscaping Inc.
He said it all depends on how you hold the weed killer


He said it all depends on how you hold the weed killerCredit: YouTube/Ambro’s Landscaping Inc.

Jason Ambro, who considers himself the ultimate lawn care filmmaker, shared his simple trick to getting rid of weeds in seconds on his Ambro’s Landscaping Inc. YouTube page.

In his video, he explained that he was hired by Costco to do their landscaping where they had to deal with a lot of weeds.

After applying a product to kill them, they came back a few days later with weed killer.

“The reason we don’t pull the weeds out is that if you don’t pull out the whole root, the weed comes right back,” he explained.

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“So it’s counterproductive because you’re spending time on a section that’s only going to come back.”

After killing the weed, you will use weed killer to cut it down.

And you can actually do that because the weed will be dead, so we’ll take care of it.

With a specific head on the weeder, which looks like a disc, you can use it to cut everything without debris flying everywhere.

But it’s also the direction of the weed killer that matters.

“When you do it, you don’t want to land and go to the edge like that because it’s going to spin around and pull around a lot of things,” he explained.

“If you hold it flat and tilt it to the right where the weed killer is coming, it stops a lot of stuff moving around.”

He also advised never to be near cars or even windows in case of an accident and to have the weed killer string longer than usual.

It only took Ambro a few minutes to weed the entire flowerbed.

Previously, a gardening expert revealed that you don’t need to use weed pesticides to get rid of them. Vinegar will also do the job.

In a social media video, cleaning enthusiast Selina which only goes through Selina’s TikTok used a spray bottle to spray the kitchen staple on the weeds that popped up between the cracks in her sidewalk.

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Amazingly, just six hours later, the weeds had started to dry out – some of the smaller ones completely dead.

While white vinegar is super effective, you still need to be careful because it could also dry out your other plants, according to Bob Vila.

He also suggested making sure the string is longer than usual


He also suggested making sure the string is longer than usualCredit: YouTube/Ambro’s Landscaping Inc.

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