How a landscaping company emphasizes training


A lot of companies talk about training. But when it comes to following through, they don’t always do the hard work. But training is what can be a differentiator. This is what can make your technicians a cut above the competition.

This is something that Oasis Turf & Tree in Loveland, Ohio takes incredibly seriously. Owner Rob Reindl, LIC, says he thinks a strong emphasis on training is helping Oasis retain more team members. They are happier because they work for a company that invests in them. It also contributes to the company’s recruiting efforts. Reindl says motivated people want to work for a company that offers opportunities for advancement.

He shares a few ways they have kept a spotlight on training.

Motivating training

One of the ways Reindl says Oasis has been very successful in encouraging team members to earn additional certifications is that the company offers an incentive.

Team members receive their first raise when they graduate from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. They can then earn an additional raise when they earn the Lawn Maintenance Technician certificate from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). And the company goes one step further by granting a third increase for the NALP Certified Horticultural Technician certificate.

“We want our team members to know that we value them and encouraging them to achieve these certifications is one way to do it,” said Reindl. “Of course, it also benefits us to have a better trained team and they deserve compensation for that.”

But training can be intimidating for some. Reindl says many new team members have never had so much training before and they can be nervous about it. That’s why support is really important.

“We know that our support is essential to their success,” he says. “We are equipping members with the time and resources they need to be able to study and pass these exams. We provide a quiet place in the office and a shelf full of books for those in need. We also have practice tests that we can give to help team members prepare.

Proudly display their success

Another way for Oasis Turf & Tree to inspire more team members to take training and become industry certified is to print employee certification plaques on glass and display them on a wall. Office.

This is an additional way to recognize employees who have successfully obtained these credentials. It is also a way to inspire others within the company to take the plunge.

“We know that passing this industry test is no small feat and we want to show the accomplishments of our team,” said Reindl.

Reception and participation in additional training events

While certification is really important to Oasis Turf & Tree, it’s not their only goal. The company also hosts its own in-house conference called The Oasis Turf & Tree Summit, which marks the start of each season. This is an opportunity to update the team on anything new and ask managers to talk about various topics.

“We also attend industry events,” says Reindl. “The whole team is going to the Ohio State University Agronomic Field Day and the Tri-State Green Industry Conference. And several members of our team attend the GIE + EXPO and the NALP LANDSCAPES event. We think it’s important to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry as a whole.


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