Horticulture Week Podcast: Charting the Path to Net Zero with Nurture Group’s Gordon Whyte


On the road to net zero, Nurture Group’s Head of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), Gordon Whyte, talks about the company’s journey in this week’s podcast.

Talking about how Nurture is groundskeeping teams balance the needs of customers with the needs of the planet, Whyte explains that although they are driven by the needs of their customers, they must sell a greener service, while showcasing the social values ​​that Nurture is building within the business.

Whyte also takes a look at the steps the company is taking to become carbon neutral and how it’s taking the next step on its journey to net zero emissions. These changes aren’t exclusive to large landscape companies either, as Whyte explains the steps small companies can take too.

Known for his acquisitions, Whyte also touches on the reasoning behind some of Nurture’s newest and how they fit into the fabric of the company.

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