Heritage Lottery Fund grant “A Horticultural Legacy for Future Generations” will enable Aberglasney Gardens to establish a training center


Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire has received nearly £ 1million from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project to establish a new heritage horticulture training center in the historic gardens.

The project aims to inspire and train a new generation of gardeners as well as students with learning difficulties and schoolchildren and is the latest in a series of attraction restoration projects.

The facility will be housed in a cluster of abandoned farm buildings on the site, formerly the Aberglasney Home Farm pigsties. In addition to restoring the traditional buildings, a spectacular new greenhouse is also planned.

Horticultural heritage for future generations

Head Gardener at Aberglasney, Joseph Atkin is delighted to learn that this exciting new project has received support from the HLF.

“Aberglasney is already considered one of Britain’s finest historic gardens and the development of this new training center as well as the restoration of the buildings in which it will be based will ensure our continued success and a horticultural legacy for future generations. “, did he declare.

Aberglasney Chief Gardener Joseph Atkin is delighted with the grant announcement

He went on to say that he hoped Aberglasney could have its own “miniature college”.

“We will be able to teach all the skills necessary to create a heritage garden like Aberglasney. In addition to teaching students about heirloom gardening methods, the buildings we are restoring will also house a nursery for plant propagation which I hope will make Aberglasney almost self-sufficient.

Joseph’s desire to pass on his knowledge goes beyond his students as the facility will also be open to visitors to Aberglasney. People will be encouraged to come in and see the students and the gardening team at work.

The grant will fund a number of projects

The HLF grant will also finance, among other things, the creation of a mini-arboretum and a meadow walk, a new composting facility and a “green” heating system, as well as the appointment of a senior horticultural trainer to part-time and the financing of two one-year internships in the field of heritage horticulture. A new “gardening through time” display will also be installed in the Victorian aviaries of Aberglasney and a number of new trails on the site’s history; plants; observation of fauna and biodiversity will be established.

Richard Bellamy, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund Wales, said: “Aberglasney has a rich and varied history stretching back several centuries and with money from National Lottery players this project will provide new opportunities for local people in s ” involve in the gardens and its heritage. . We are particularly excited to see how the internships will develop much needed heritage horticultural skills and how the rich natural heritage of the gardens will be better understood.

When all work is completed, which is expected to be by the end of next summer, the visitor experience in Aberglasney will be significantly improved, the area covered by the gardens will be increased by around 20% and anyone visiting the site will gain a better knowledge of heritage horticulture and its importance.

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