Gardener’s hack for planting peas is perfect


Have you ever tried growing vegetables? Maybe some beans or tomatoes? If you’ve done any gardening, these were probably the first plants you tried to grow yourself, but today we’re going to talk about another vegetable: peas!

Spring peas are a wonderful addition to any garden (or meal), but we can always use a few handy tricks to make growing them a little easier. Luckily, a TikTok creator has just the thing!


Terra from FarmishTerra is another gardener who loves peas, and because she loves them, she shared with us some of her favorite pea planting tips to make growing a little easier for us.

She starts by creating tiny divots using a regular cupcake pan, which seems like the perfect depth for starting seedlings. Terra also recommends soaking the seeds in warm water overnight, as this will restart the germination process, allowing them to grow. faster, stronger and healthier.

With your little hole dug and the seeds soaked, simply throw a pea pod in each of your holes, cover them, and wait one to two weeks! You should see tiny pea shoots spring up and shoot through the dirt during this time, but be sure to water lightly every few days (more in extreme heat) and that they get enough sun.

This idea is also great for those planting in smaller spaces, as Terra assures us that it works for the square foot method of gardening and that they (supported by others in the comments section) have been doing this for ages. years. So if you have some space and some peas to plant, try this trick and let us know how it goes!


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