Flamborough Horticultural Society Plant Sale May 28


Going to a large nursery can be overwhelming, even if there are knowledgeable staff to help you.

Plus, you can blow your budget fast. Many new gardeners are looking for advice on which plants to buy, growing conditions, humidity and sun needs, and companion plants.

Whether you have a small garden, a balcony with pots or a larger garden, the Flamborough Horticultural Society plant sale on May 28 at the Waterdown Farmers’ Market in the Waterdown Legion car park can help answer many of your questions. your needs. This is our cash-only plant sale, held to raise funds for speaker presentations at our meetings.

Experienced gardeners will be there to help you choose the perfect plant. These are tried and tested perennials from member gardens offered in a variety of colors, heights and sizes.

Did you know the color red is for the Year of the Garden celebration this year? Many perennials at the plant sale will help complement any red annuals you already have.

Join the Flamborough Horticultural Society as we help you increase your civic pride and make your garden even better with perennials.

Susan MacMillan is president of the Flamborough Horticultural Society, which meets on the third Wednesday of the month. She can be reached at [email protected]


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