Five landscaping blogs to find your inspiration


Listen, after a decade in the landscaping industry, I often find myself looking for inspiration to keep improving my landscaping. Over the years, I have found a few techniques that have worked time and time again.

In fact, some of these methods have already been covered by Total Landscape Care. Whether it’s watching lawn care professionals on Youtube or reading books like David Mellor from Fenway Park, there are plenty of ways to find inspiration while growing your landscaping business.

Today I wanted to talk about a great way to get inspiration for landscaping by looking at five amazing landscape design blogs. You can also find inspiration for your landscaping or lawn care business in these amazing blogs.

1) the impatient gardener

First on the list is The Impatient Gardener, a blog run by Erin from Southeastern Wisconsin. The blog is full of originality through and through. Whether it’s methods for quickly planting bulbs with a power drill, or just amazing and unique landscaping, this blog has it all. One of the coolest posts on Erin’s blog is Wall bars everywhere.

Now if you think you don’t know what espalier is, neither do I. But chances are you’ve seen it before. Espalier is a method of pruning trees that makes them flat. It is often used to grow trees against walls in tight spaces. But when it’s done well, it’s just amazing!

2) Through the design of landscapes

By Design Landscapes is one of several blogs across America that is owned and operated by a landscaping company. By Design Landscapes, Inc. is a landscaping company based in Lakewood, New Jersey. Their blog is not only a great showcase of their landscaping talents, it’s also a place where they share their landscaping expertise with others.

A really interesting article is Sanitation of the rainwater basin. While I will probably never encounter this problem myself, I really enjoyed learning how stormwater runoff is mediated on large properties and commercial compounds. The process they went through to turn an overgrown area into a stormwater basin was quite interesting to see.

3) Green level landscaping

Washington, DC-based Level Green Landscaping really goes beyond its articles and content. One of my favorite sections on their site is their case studies. One of these case studies is Southern Maryland Electricity Co-op and Level Green.

In this article, they talk about the challenges and their overall experience when it comes to maintaining the landscape of a 33-acre solar panel field. As you can imagine, cutting 33 acres is hard enough, but with 23,000 solar panels, I imagine it can be a headache sometimes. Talk about a lot of weed whacking! According to their article, they were able to reduce their team size to just 7-8 workers to maintain this 33-acre lot. I don’t know about you, but a 33-acre lot of solar panels is a pretty incredible goal to aspire to.

4) TLC Gardens

Not to be confused with Total Landscape Care, TLC Gardens is a landscaping company based in Boulder, Colorado. They also love to write about landscaping! As someone who recently moved to an area where I can’t find bees to pollinate my squash this year, I really appreciate their article titled Butterfly Effect.

Seriously, we really underestimate the value of our pollinators. In my experience, it’s always important to keep them in mind when developing our landscapes. Not only do we need them to help us grow food, they taste great for beautiful plants!

5) Simple dirt

Finally, I wanted to talk about Dirt Simple, a landscaping blog run by Deborah Silver & Co., based in Sylvan Lake, Michigan. When it comes to storytelling, this blog does an amazing job using pictures and words to tell a story. A good example of this is Prune boxwood.

Now, quite honestly, I’ve never seen a better combination of photography and words to tell a story. It is true that the article is all about boxwood pruning, which may be second nature to many of you. But, the way the Dirt Simple blog covers the subject is very interesting to see.

Find your inspiration

Staying motivated when it comes to your landscaping or lawn care business is important. It’s easy to lose motivation after 10 hours of mowing a lawn or setting up trees under the scorching sun. Still, staying motivated is crucial. Landscape design blogs are a great way to do this!

Did I miss any of your favorite blogs? Share it with me on Twitter!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Douglas Dedrick. Douglas is a landscaper with over a decade of landscaping experience and currently operates his natural landscape designs lawn care business in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @LawnOrganic.


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