Fergus and District Horticultural Society Plant Sale Returns


FERGUS – The Fergus and District Horticultural Society will hold its first plant sale since 2019 on May 28, from 8-11 a.m.

The sale will take place in front of the Wellington Community Sportsplex Center stone house on Belsyde Avenue in Fergus.

This popular sale has been part of the spring plantings of local gardeners for over 20 years.

Shoppers will find a wide selection of local perennials ranging from $3 to $8.

The plants come from the 25 public gardens in the town of Fergus maintained by the horticultural society and from the personal gardens of the members.

If you’ve ever seen the city’s beautiful gardens such as the Terry Fox Garden near the Beatty Line and County Road 18, the River Walk Garden behind the Library, and the city’s jewel, Templin Gardens, you know that they are special plants. They include rare plants, old favorites, herbs, ground covers and shade dwellers.

Perennials in gardens should be divided every two years to keep them from overgrowing and to stay healthy.

These are then potted by our members for the sale of plants. Many were potted last fall.

You never know what you’ll find – ornamental grasses, hostas, black-eyed susanas, lady’s mantle, peony, phlox, cranesbill, daylily, sedum, bloodroot, iris, bleeding heart , from Solomon’s seal to rhubarb and raspberries.

There are thousands of plants to choose from.

Kathy Bouma, Past President, has been involved since the very first sale of plants.

“The first sale was at a member’s on St. George Street. It snowed that day, but we sold everything,” Bouma recalls.

“The plants in our sale bring vitality to local gardens. These plants are sourced from local plant material, grown and nurtured by our members for years and free of any invasive species. These are all local plants that thrive in our local environment.

Local members also donate plants from their gardens.

“They call us, and we pick flowers and plants from their beds while respecting their properties,” said Michelle Goff, organizer of the plant sale.

“Our aim is to provide fantastic quality perennials at fantastic prices and in doing so raise funds to keep the horticultural society running for the year.”

The funds are used to help with city gardens, fund gardening projects, provide scholarships to local high schools, food bank donations and other charitable initiatives.

And if you have any concerns or questions, ask one of our sales members for advice. They are all here to help you.

This is the company’s only fundraiser for the year.

The Fergus and District Horticultural Society looks forward to seeing you May 28 at the Sportsplex.

Submitted by Ken Johnston, Fergus and District Horticultural Society


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