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Increase your smile quotient every time you come home. Creative and beautiful landscaping not only sets the curb appeal of your home but also enhances your own enjoyment of the whole outdoor space, whether you are entertaining, playing with the kids, or just relaxing by a crackling fire. or a bubbling fountain.

“Hiring Diana Grundeen from Trio Landscaping was the turning point between having no interest in our craggy, unattractive backyard and having hopes that I would someday fall in love with it,” said Sheyna Galyan, who contracted Trio in 2020.

Nursery and Certified Landscaper Diana Grundeen, owner of Twin Cities-based Trio Landscaping, brings the outdoor living space to life with her company’s namesake trio of services: consulting, design and project management.

A consultation is the essential starting point of every project to ensure that the owner and the trio are on the same page with the expectations of the project. “I really want to understand what style would work best for the client, architecturally and personally,” says Grundeen. And since people sometimes don’t know how to express what they want, she asks potential customers how they hope. use space. “If you know you want to be out there with your kids playing games, barbecuing with friends and family, or going out upstairs and downstairs and having people coming from every direction, that gives me an idea of ​​how this landscape will work with you, ”she says.

A courtyard landscaped by Trio Landscaping

This was exactly the case with Galyan: “I wanted a walking meditation garden, but I didn’t know enough to explain what exactly it meant to me. I basically wanted to take a quiet nature walk in our garden, ”explains Galyan. “In a space of about 80 feet by 50 feet, I wasn’t sure that was possible. We also had an issue with the garage water runoff eroding the middle of our backyard… I remember standing near the top of the hill, looking at what looked a little desperate to me and saying to Diana : ‘Fix our backyard, please?’ She had free rein.

The plan comes to life in the CAD drawings so that Grundeen can easily share it with customers. In addition to plantings, the design can include anything from patios and pavers, to retaining walls and decks, to lighting, fire and water features.

“She showed off her design for our garden, and I was both speechless and close to tears at how she perfectly captured the vision I had held in my head for so long,” said Galyan . “There were walking trails, a dry creek bed, bridges, steps, a fountain, two park benches, edible plants, trees, shrubs and so many flowers, colors and textures, as well as ‘a new deck to replace our big and rotten patio for eating or entertaining. She told us that we could, if we wanted, buy the drawing and do the work ourselves, but it was clear that it was a big job. I wanted her and her approved teams to get the job done.

Trio works with projects that range from small (which is a relative term for everyone) to full new construction that encompasses everything in the home landscape. Trio also has several teams and teams qualified in specific tasks, such as planting, laying paving stones, carpentry, etc. “A lot of the planning and coordination also takes place on our end – it’s the management of the project versus the installation,” says Grundeen.

A landscaper since 1999, Grundeen is certified by the Minnesota Nursery Landscape Association (MNLA). She develops projects with a Minnesota horticultural knowledge base and is always looking to find the right plant for the right place and the right purpose. (Additionally, she considers sustainability in all she can, both in the use of land and plants.) As chair of the committee and active member of the MNLA and as a member of Association of Professional Landscape Designers, she works on lifelong learning to grow and be inspired to adopt new styles and practices, especially when it comes to native plantations and water management. When you hire Trio, you also have the right to brag that your designer was featured on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” and participated in “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”.

A courtyard landscaped by Trio Landscaping

“I am amazed at how Diana and her teams were able to completely transform this site,” says Galyan. “I really feel like I have a secluded nature trail just steps from my house, and I love spending time in my backyard whenever I get the chance. Diana has managed to achieve my dreams and desires for this garden and turn it into reality, and I will be forever grateful to her.

If you would like a project to be completed this season, contact us to see if your project fits into this year’s schedule. A big goal now is to dream up plans for the 2022 projects, and Trio can provide ideas and inspiration. “Landscaping is how we make our homes unique – it creates the rest of the design to make these spaces our own,” says Grundeen.


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