Ellis County Master Gardener Lawn and Garden Expo held in Chautauqua


The Texas Master Gardener Program and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services

sponsored an outdoor event last Saturday, March 27, at the Waxahachie Chautauqua building in Getzendaner Park. The exhibit was organized by the Ellis County Master Gardeners Association from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Outside the building, tents were set up to display various plants for sale to the general public, and free gardening tips were also shared by section members.

The local gardening group was thrilled to be back after missing their annual presentation last year (2020) due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although this is a much smaller affair this year than previous ones, Ovilla master gardener Tom Graves said: “We hope he will be back in his usual place in 2022 at Waxahachie Civic Center – Bigger and Better Than Ever ”.

Graves has been a master gardener for five years. The retired lawyer now resides in Ovilla and has over 20 acres to keep him busy. He says, “I am extremely interested in gardening because I am always looking for new ways to use my land for vegetables and other plants. Additionally, I love the fellowship and camaraderie shared by the Ellis County Gardeners Chapter.

The Expo featured two speakers: Daniel Cunningham, who spoke on “Edible Landscaping: A Delicious Concept” at 10:00 am; and Greg Grant, who gave a talk on “The Golden Rule of Gardening – The Right Plant, The Right Place” (a / k / a “Landscaping 101”) at noon. Both speakers are part of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services.

Grant shares, “Texas is such a vast and vast state with such a diversity of factors such as soil composition, annual rainfall amounts, and varying temperatures. Successful gardening is always an adventure in the great state of Texas! Tyler’s Master Gardener relayed his five basic landscaping design principles (called “BURDS” for short:

1) Balance – Think of a balance beam in the middle of every main view of your work area – yard, porch, flower bed, front view of your house, etc.

2) Unity – Create a certain theme to explain your use of plants, trees, fountains, other lawn accessories, etc.

3) Repetition – This is the most important aspect of your design principles because it holds everything together. It is better to repeat colors, shapes, hard elements, plants, etc.

4) Dominance – Rather than being too busy or too crowded, it is suggested that you have a focal point, as you want to frame all the obvious views.

5) Scale – The overall scale of your final design should respond to and be linked to functionality on a human scale. For example: the size of your plants should match the frame.

Another gardener in attendance on Saturday was Marj McClung of Glenn Heights. She recently took her favorite hobby to a whole new level by becoming a master gardener in 2019. She shares: “I love gardening because of the beauty it brings, the tranquility it provides and that to me. take him outside to enjoy the wonderful sun. In addition, I like to talk about my passion to others and share the skills that I am learning throughout my career.

For more information on how to become a Master Gardener or the courses available, please contact the Ellis County AgriLife Extension Office at 972-825-5175, or go online at www.ECMGA.com, or send an email to the organization at [email protected] edu, or follow this group on Facebook or Instagram for upcoming educational opportunities or plant sales.


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