Dorset landscape gardener’s van stolen from his driveway


A LANDSCAPE gardener felt ‘violated’ and ‘numbed’ after his van full of tools was stolen from his driveway.

Tom Dillon, director of TD Landscaping & Fencing Ltd, lost around £8,500 worth of tools and his van could be written off following the theft at Wareham.

An off-duty police officer discovered the Ford Transit in a farmer’s field in Norden, but all of Mr Dillon’s equipment was missing.

Despite the initial impact and ongoing challenges of the flight, the 50-year-old told the Daily Echo he was determined not to let the incident beat him.

The van was abandoned in a field in Norden

“Having him caught in the driveway of my house is the most shocking thing. I feel violated,” he said.

“The insurance company was very helpful in replacing my tools and the police were brilliant.

“The tools are long gone and it’s terrible, I felt so numb after this happened.

“I’m not going to let this beat me but it’s quite hard to swallow.”

The van was stolen between 9 p.m. Monday September 5 and 5 a.m. Tuesday September 6.

Mr Dillon was at home the night of the incident but heard no commotion in the driveway, partly because of the heavy thunderstorm.

He said he “couldn’t believe it” when he found out the van had been stolen.

“I received a call from a lady whose husband is a police officer on leave who was running and told me that he had just passed the van, which was thrown into a field in Norden,” he said. -he declares.

“From the pictures it looked like they had rammed it through a door.

“The van had dead ends. They made a hole, entered and broke the doors from the inside out.

“My livelihood disappeared overnight. I did not recover the van as is the case with the scientific police.

Bournemouth Echo: Landscaper Tom DillonLandscaper Tom Dillon

Mr Dillon, who has worked in the industry for 15 years and has never been robbed before, said he knew he was not the only one to have his tools stolen, but that he still felt “terrible”.

“I must say that I am absolutely amazed at the way people have reacted to it,” he added.

“I shared the news on Facebook and so many people offered their support.

“A guy came a few days after this happened and gave me a cordless drill for free.

“I’ve insured the tools, but replacing the van is going to be the big deal.”

Mr Dillon added lightly: ‘So if anyone wants to give me one that would be great.’

Bournemouth Echo: Tom Dillion said he had insurance for the tools but the impact of the incident was still seriousTom Dillion said he had insurance for the tools, but the impact of the incident was still severe

A Dorset Police spokesman said: ‘We received a report at 5.18am on Tuesday September 6, of a Ford Transit van being stolen outside an address on Northmoor Way in Wareham.

It was reported that the van was stolen sometime after 9pm on Monday September 5th and was later found in the Morden area around 7am that morning but damage was done to the windshield and a number of power tools were missing inside. vehicle.

“Investigations into the matter are ongoing. No arrests have been made.”

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