Curb appeal: revitalize landscaping on a budget


Many homeowners think they have to spend tons of greenery to go green in their landscape, but that’s not necessarily the case. Homeowners can improve their landscapes without digging themselves into financial holes. These strategies can help anyone save money while ending up with attractive gardens and more.

Use rocks or gravel for a driveway. If commercially installed cement pavers or driveways are out of your budget, there are affordable alternatives. Individually purchased and spaced slabs or pavers and fine gravel can be used to create driveways.

Some sites even offer free stones on request. Soften the look with moss or other plants around the perimeter.

Remove from the lawn. Lawns can require hours of maintenance which can involve the application of expensive fertilizers and weed killers which are not always so environmentally friendly.

Reduce the size of a lawn by installing a mixed planting bed of perennials or ornamental grasses, or use landscape fabric and mulch.

Look for free mulch. Municipal recycling centers can offer residents free access to mulch made from shredded leaves, branches and other plant debris collected from across the city.

Simply take a few containers to the recycling center and spread the mulch for an ornamental look or to insulate landscapes during the winter and protect against weeds.

Turn old objects into planters. Old wheelbarrows, barrels, watering cans and other items can be reused in gardening containers.

Determine if items marked for trash can be incorporated into garden features instead.

Invest in plants that are easy to propagate. Perennials are a gardener‘s friend when it comes to saving money. These plants grow anew each year, and many, such as sedum, catnip, ferns, hostas, and black-eyed Susans, can be propagated by division.

Determine the best times of year to divide the plants and start growing them in individual containers before planting the sturdy new shoots in the ground. A single variety of plants grouped in beds is affordable and easy.

Shop the end of season sales. Garden centers could start making room for holiday items in the fall.

Take advantage of reduced costs on leftover plants and landscape accessories during this time of year. Plants can be covered or allowed to thrive indoors until they can be planted out in the spring.

Pool your resources. Homeowners planning a large landscaping or revitalization project may want to speak with neighbors to see if they are interested in doing the same.

Contractors guaranteed business from a few homes in the same neighborhood may be willing to negotiate lower prices for the volume of work on things like driveway repaving, building decks or fences, or installing paved patios.

Some practical ideas can help homeowners transform landscapes without spending too much.


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