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The Ballarat Horticultural Society (BHS) celebrates the anniversary of its founding 160 years ago. The BHS, Australia’s oldest continuing horticultural society, was formed in October 1859 when an interested group of 13 Ballarat citizens met at Bath’s (soon to be Craig’s) Hotel in Lydiard Street to create an association which has had a major influence on the growth of Ballarat’s horticultural prowess. as well as its reputation as a “garden city”. It was also responsible for the importation and cultivation of many rare species of flowers and fruits over the decades, and its members fulfilled other important civic roles. Historian Michael Taffe, former president of BHS, wrote that Ballarat was known as a garden city “not only for its public spaces, but for its marriage of public, private and corporate landscaping“; and society has been critical in the birth of this perception. Present-day Kelly Kerr, contrary to what the name suggests, the Ballarat Horticultural Society is open to all gardeners – whether beginners or very advanced. “We welcome anyone interested in finding information and making friends with like-minded people,” Ms. Kerr said. “The pleasures and challenges of gardening in Ballarat are particularly relevant to the many newcomers to the area. Fortunately, local knowledge is provided. Our field of action is broad and our speakers come from all aspects of gardening, the environment, conservation, species and local and international issues. We believe it is important to be informed and ready for the challenges ahead. “Our next meeting on November 4th will feature Horsham-based Australian Grains Genebank Scientist Sally Norton, Country Manager Agriculture Victoria, based in Horsham. She will talk about her visit and delivery of seeds to the Arctic Seed Bank and climate issues Change is affecting this institution, and it’s free. ” The monthly meeting of the Ballarat Horticultural Society will be held at the Robert Clark Horticultural Center in Ballarat Botanical Gardens on Monday, October 7, starting at 6:30 p.m. Members past and present, as well as those interested, are invited to attend. . Have you subscribed to the daily Courier newsletter and the latest news by e-mail? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything that’s going on at Ballarat.


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