Cooperative Extension Offers Fall Horticulture Classes


LUMBERTON – I’ve always enjoyed seeing summer come, and ironically, as I get older, I’m almost as happy to see it go. Summer seems to bring a sense of freedom, perhaps due to my school days and my summer vacation, but nonetheless, a sense of happiness.

As the summer days pass, I now look forward to fall with its cooler temperatures and chilly fall mornings. Fall brings images of pumpkins, wagon rides, bonfires, cornucopias, our county fair, apple cider, with pops of red, orange and brown throughout. A cornucopia, also known as a cornucopia, is essentially what I want to offer here today. North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Robeson County Center, will be offering a plethora of horticulture classes this fall.

We have a series of seven courses on general gardening called “The Extension Gardening Series”. These courses include easy-to-grow fruits and berries, gardening with herbs, organic pest management, sustainable vegetable gardening, living landscapes with perennials, living landscapes with trees and shrubs, and lawns and alternatives. durable. Another stand-alone course to offer is “Fall Vegetable Gardening in Containers.” These courses are free for the general public, and you can choose the ones that might interest you. Registration is strongly encouraged. Attending five of The Extension Garden Series courses is a prerequisite for Master Gardener Volunteer training this winter.

You might be wondering what a living landscape is? If you will, imagine a developer buying a piece of land, be it woodland, cropland, or grassland. The property is essentially stripped of everything, roads are laid, houses built and the newly installed landscape may include six evergreen shrubs as foundation plants in front of the house.

Where are all the native plants that support our local ecosystem? The Living Landscape classes address this issue and highlight native plants that we can add to our landscape. Fortunately, there is a growing interest in being better stewards of our lands and natural resources. People are realizing that we need to continue to provide habitat for our native wildlife. There is no better way to counter this degradation than to include native plants in our landscape.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the 76th Annual Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair will also take place this fall. After a two-year absence influenced by the pandemic, I know everyone is eagerly awaiting his return. I would like to remind you that there will be plenty of cash prizes offered for your crops, crafts, antiques, preserves and baked goods, and much more. So now is the time to start planning and gathering your best deals to attend the show.

Remember that all classes are free, but please call our office to register. You can check our website in the events tab for specific dates and times for each course.

Mack Johnson is a horticultural agent with North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Robeson County Center. He can be reached at 910-671-3276, by email at [email protected]or by visiting the Cooperative Extension website at


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