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Backyard landscaping with larger rocks, succulents, and plants that require little additional water from irrigation. Natural looking, drought tolerant landscaping where care has been taken to minimize water loss due to evaporation and runoff.

Comox Valley Horticultural Society discusses xero-landscape gardening

The guest speaker for the Comox Valley Horticultural Society meeting on March 19 is Zac Kregosky, sharing valuable and timely information on xeriscape gardening.

As our summers get hotter and water resources dwindle, it will be even more important that we make the right gardening decisions. Choosing the right plant for the right location is the key to creating a thriving garden. A garden should provide as much pleasure as possible, while impacting our environment as little as possible. Zac believes in and practices being a laidback gardener. His passion for plants began with further studies in plant biology, solidified in the horticulture program at Malaspina, became a nursery manager at Vernon Art Knapp, and now thrives in our local Art Knapp, and manages also his own gardening business. Doors open at Courtenay Filberg at 6:30 pm Guests are welcomed at $ 5, but memberships are available for $ 20 (single) and $ 30 (family).

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