Best landscaping software in 2022: free and paid, for Windows, Mac, Linux and online


If you are looking to create a 3D virtual landscape, there is plenty of software to help you do that. Some are PC-only, a handful are cross-platform, and we’ve even found service online (as long as your goals are modest).

Best landscaping software

As you would expect, an app that is dedicated solely to landscaping (as opposed to interior house design as well) will likely have more features than you would expect and need in your creative process. However, there are a few titles on our list that are more Renaissance men than handymen, offering a complete package with great features, from home design to garden landscaping, for one. reasonable price.

Based on your needs and the platform you choose, we’ve handpicked five of our best apps to help you create the garden of your dreams (or those of your clients) from the comfort of your computer.

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Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Pro 2020 Exam List

(Image credit: Specter of Ideas)

Ideal for experts

Reasons to buy

+Good interface+Helpful assistants+Responsive operations+A wealth of flowers, plants and trees to use

Reasons to avoid

Windows onlyNo free option

As the name suggests, this Windows-only package is intended to help you create outdoor spaces. If you have to design a room or an entire house, you will have to look elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that you can’t create house exteriors. In fact, Realtime Landscaping Pro allows you to add houses to your design. You cannot venture inside.

Landscaping an entire area from scratch can take some time, but Realtime Landscaping Pro is here to help speed up the process with the use of wizards. You have a handful of them, helping you with your landscape, patio, or even pond, among others.

You have the flexibility to fully customize any model you want, from its construction material to the size of the individual elements. It is therefore both a time saver to get you started and a launching pad for developing your own creativity.

For $ 150, Realtime Landscaping Pro offers a host of features to help you create the garden of your dreams. It can be used for fun or as a professional tool to create what you or your customer are looking for before they pick up a shovel. The interface is easy to understand, and the interaction with the software is smooth, even on a machine that is not the most recent model. Overall, this is a great piece of software for anyone who loves or needs to design landscapes virtually.

FloorPlan 2021 Home & Landscape Pro Review Listing

(Image credit: TurboCAD)

Best Complete

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+User friendly interface+Time saving features

Reasons to avoid

Difficult to navigate in 3DCould select all objects in 3D

FloorPlan 2021 is a desktop app that runs on any Mac running MacOS 10.11 or higher, with 3GB of available storage and at least 8GB of RAM (if you’re working with a PC, 2020 is the latest version). Is this the right package for you to design a building and the surrounding land, if you have $ 200 in your pocket?

We liked the Templates section, where you can find a huge selection of groups of ready-made items, like a table and chairs, for example, or a ready-made landscape section. Everything is there to speed up the design process. There are also a host of features for disabled access, which we were happy to see.

For the most part, FloorPlan is easy to use. There are plenty of features designed to speed up the creation process, the help menu is just one click away, and the interface is user-friendly and inviting. You can complete a design in a very short time, which is a definite advantage. Fine-tuning and customizing is just as easy, and that’s only marred by a potentially glitchy 3D interface where we struggled to select some objects (but not others). Definitely worth a look if you are interested in 3D house and landscape design.

DreamPlan review list

(Image credit: NCH Software)

Best quality price report

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Multi platform+Work at multiple levels+Can easily import 3D objects

Reasons to avoid

Can be slowNot all objects are installed initiallyNavigating a build can sometimes be awkward

This software is designed to run on Windows (from XP) and Mac (10.5 and above) and is remarkably affordable: Plus is a commercial license and would cost you $ 40. If you only need it for personal use, Home costs $ 35. It’s not a big difference in price to be honest. However, at the time of this writing, there is a promotion going on, allowing you to pick them up at $ 29.99 or $ 24.99 respectively.

Not only can you design an entire house and furnish it, but you have the tools to extend your creative process outdoors, landscaping your garden or yard just as easily, and as you would expect, the software is comes with an extensive library of plants and exteriors. furniture that you are free to personalize.

NCH’s DreamPlan is great software that helps you create a multi-level building, modify it, and customize it inside and out as you like. It’s designed for easy editing and even goes out of its way to help you understand the inner workings of the app, providing you with links to specific video tutorials throughout the interface (via the subtle blue circular buttons on the camera). It’s also very affordable, works on multiple platforms, and comes with a free trial period – well worth a visit.

Space Designer 3D Journal List

(Image credit: Asynth)

Ideal for novices

Reasons to buy

+Runs smoothly+Full customization available

Reasons to avoid

No free planCannot modify or customize in 3D

Space Designer 3D is an online service, which means it will work from a browser no matter what platform you are using. It unfortunately doesn’t offer a free plan, but mostly subscriptions ranging from $ 25 for Regular to $ 100 per month for Team. Business is a tailor-made subscription with prices according to your needs. There’s also Casual which lets you pay $ 10 per project. But if you want to try before you buy so to speak, check out the Demo option to get an idea of ​​what the service has to offer.

The emphasis is on interior design, but landscaping your backyard is also possible, with a generous array of trees, plants, and flowers at your disposal for you to dot your yard. You can’t change the ground elevation, which limits you to perfectly level gardens, but it can be enough to help you visualize your outdoor space.

Space Designer 3D is a good service, offering a clean and easy to use interface. It’s a shame that they don’t offer a free plan like many of their competitors do, but it seems from their promotion that they are aiming to attract more businesses than individuals. If you are in the market for a 3D design app, check out the demo of this one to see if it offers what you are looking for.

Virtual Architect Ultimate with Landscaping and Decking Design Review List 10

(Image credit: Development Nova)

Best all-rounder

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Helpful assistants+Lots of customization options

Reasons to avoid

Boring tutorFrustrating 3D navigation

As the name suggests, this package aims to offer everything in one place, whether it’s inside a home or outside, including the garden. That’s a pretty broad goal, and at a dime under $ 100, it’s a good price for such an ambition. It will run on a machine running Windows 7, 8, or 10, with a 2 GHz 64-bit processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 2 GB video card, and at least 10 GB of storage space.

The landscape creation section is very flexible, allowing you to work on multiple elevations, create paths, add lighting, and have access to a large library of plants, arbors, and trellises. You can also add fences and walls, and there’s even an option to include sprinklers. The software comes with a number of wizards, including one for quickly building decks, potentially saving you a lot of time.

Virtual Architect Ultimate with Landscaping and Decks Design 10 is above all a good program, with many features designed to help you create easily and efficiently. It’s only slightly marred by a few boring interface decisions, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

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