Announcing the winners of the Royal Horticultural Photographic Competition 2022


If you enjoy photographing plants and flowers, you’ll love this year’s winning photos from the Royal Horticultural Society Photographic Competition. The competition celebrates the beauty of gardens and wildlife and attracts thousands of entries from amateur and professional photographers.

The winner of Plant and adult competitions in general The winner was Sanjay Jani with his beautifully evocative image of a saffron crocus taken in Iowas City, Iowa, which was spotted near a wall at golden hour.

Winner of the under-11s and the overall youth classification

Alex Chapman: Worlds Collide

The austere beauty of life reflected in a winter pond at RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Essex, on a sunny January day parallels the Three Worlds series of lithographs by Dutch artist MC Escher. Shot on an iPhone XR


Andrea Jones: Illuminate the past and the present

Interspersed with topiary yews, Stipa gigantea, roses and herbaceous perennials, such as Salvia nemorosa ‘Amethyst’, create a lapidary of color in the early morning light at Madresfield Court, Worcestershire. Taken on a Nikon D850

Welcoming wildlife

Weinong Duan: Spread wings

The awe-inspiring beauty of an eagle owl, wings spread and ready to pounce on its prey in the grassland below. Taken in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, China using a Canon EOS-1DX Mark ll


Marek Mierzejewski: Green stars (Equisetum arvense, horsetail)

Wandering through the grasslands of Gdansk, Poland with his camera, the photographer was unaware of the exquisite beauty of the Equisetum arvense (field horsetail) beneath his feet – until the impressive rows of green stars were revealed through the macro lens of his Canon EOS 6D Marc II.


Mr. Asker Ibn Firoz: Bat in action!

Just before sunset in Ramna Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh, hundreds of Indian flying foxes dive into the city lake to bathe and drink. As this megabat rose from the water, its iconic silhouette, haloed in golden light, was captured on a Nikon D500

Indoor gardening

Kam Hong Leung: A labor of love

A worker from RBG Kew tends to the plants in the Waterlily House, which was designed to showcase the giant Amazon water lily (Victoria amazonica). Shot on a Panasonic DMC-F272

social media

Sara Bishop: Urban summer meadow

The tactile beauty of a summer meadow at its peak, buzzing with wildlife and cheerful flowers, is celebrated in this image taken during a family walk in Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds. Shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV

Under 18

Lucie Havelange: Aerial Beauty

Beneath the grandeur of the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this decorative little dragonfly caught the eye of the photographer, who sought to capture its intricate beauty.

Other shortlisted entries and finalists can be viewed on the RHS website.


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