How to Increase Your Chances of Approved Home Financing

Keeping your name clean increases your chances of getting approved funding.

Getting out of rent and having your own residence is a dream come true, especially as the family grows.

But to achieve this dream, it takes planning and patience, since there are various bureaucracies on the part of financial or banks.

An important factor to have an approved property finance is to have a salary compatible with the installments of the property you want to finance, but it is not a decisive factor, besides proof of income, banks and lenders use other criteria to decide if they will approve. or not the requested funding.

How to increase your chances of getting an approved property finance:

Have a relationship with the bank


From the moment you decide to make a mortgage to purchase your property, maintaining a relationship with the bank increases the chances of your proposal being approved.

Find the bank or lender that offers the best offer and the lowest interest rates and start the relationship.

Keep name clean and creditable

Before you even apply for funding, make sure your name is clear, meaning there are no restrictions on credit protection services (SPC, Serasa, etc.). Whenever possible, make your cash purchases, so your credit increases in the square.

Make the Positive Registration

Positive Registration serves to show consumer behavior regarding debt settlement. Opening the positive registration can be very helpful.

With it, banks and financial institutions can see how their finances are doing and can offer better rates when finalizing their financing.

Once you register with your social security number, your payment information is available to banks and financial institutions. When the consumer can keep everything up to date, it will be clear to the bank that there is a lower risk of default.

Have input value

The lower the amount to be funded, the greater the chance of having your property finance approved. Having the money of the down payment is an important factor when negotiating, since the monthly installment cannot exceed 30% of the income.

Gather the lace

If you want to fund with someone else, be aware that their earnings will be valued. The higher the income, the more chances of approval.

Have your own income

Have your own income

Don’t have a fixed income? Are you autonomous? Don’t worry, you can also get approved on your financing.

The important thing is to deposit all the money you earn in the bank so you can prove income.

If you are an informal worker, consider enrolling as MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur), as well as helping with credit analysis, you will also have other benefits such as retirement, sickness benefits and more.